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Easy Music for kids

Music & Video
3.99 usd

Easy Music is the perfect initiation into the world of music, no theory required! It is a beautifully animated app to introduce kids aged 3+ to musicality. Children learn to recognize notes, pitch, rhythm, and melody in a nature-inspired game environment. An interactive sand castle serves as a musical playground where curious kids can experiment with various instruments, genres of music and objects freely to compose their first music piece.Before children learn the alphabet, they already know how to speak. To be effective, music instruction must follow the same natural progression. Kids should first learn to listen in order to learn how to play!
With Easy Music’s intuitive, non-theory approach, your child will have fun exploring an evocative world while mastering skills fundamental to both performance and enjoyment of music. Easy Music has been reviewed by Evan Fein, Ear Training Professor.
● 4 enchanting worlds to recognize notes, pitch, rhythm, and melody
● 2 unique learning paths: Practice Mode or Compose Mode
● A fun rainbow piano to play familiar tunes
● Reviewed and approved by Ear Training Professor and Musician, Evan Fein
● Concept by musician and educator, Michael Emenau
● Up to 40 kids’ profiles from the same grown-ups account
● No Ads, No In App Purchases
Also, children will be able to impress friends and family members by playing a few songs by ear on our rainbow piano! For these reasons, the app is the perfect way to ignite a curiosity about learning music and be prepared to play a new instrument.
Ignite the music within!
Recommended Ages 3+
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